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Vivek Subramaniam

Teaching Professional

Vivek is a former touring pro and coach that has made his way back into tennis! As a junior, Vivek was ranked in the top 25 nationally from the Boys 12’s age division to the Boys 18’s division. He earned a full scholarship to any school of his choice and ended up choosing the University of Miami. There he excelled, nicknamed “The Heart of the Team”. Following his 4 year career there, he went on to play on the Challenger and ATP circuit. Unfortunately, due to an injury, his time was cut short there and he switched over to the coaching/practice partner side. A few of the people Vivek has trained/traveled with are Venus and Serena Williams, Nadia Petrova, Tamira Paszek, and Eric Hechtman, not to mention the litany of players trying to make it on the Challenger tour.

After finishing up his time in south Florida, Vivek returned to the NY/NJ area and went to grad school. While there, he started working with juniors and made a name for himself as one of the top junior coaches in the Eastern region. He had multiple high school and national champions and fell back in love with the sport that had given him so much. Tragically that time coaching was short-lived, as Vivek injured himself again, this time leaving him with the incredibly difficult decision of whether to have surgery and continue forward with tennis or to leave tennis altogether at that level. He ended up leaving the coaching world and pursuing a career in Finance, which he had gotten his MBA in.

For the last 6 years, Vivek has worked at Morgan Stanley, in the Private Wealth Management sector. His successful tennis background has translated over to an illustrious career there, however, the itch to get back into tennis never quite left him. Following a brief stint in the energy sector and helping out at Old Oaks Country Club with their adult tennis program, Vivek relocated to the west coast, and that’s where he was fortunate enough to meet Ransom and Racketnut and his passion for tennis was reinvigorated!

As a new member of the Racket Nut team, Vivek brings a high-intensity, entertaining environment for tennis players of all levels. His knowledge of the game, and the ability to share said knowledge, is what makes him such a valuable new asset to the team!

Vivek Subramaniam
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