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Racket Nut Ratings

Racket Nut is the first Timeball company that matches players based on objective data, not the feeder's opinion. Our algorithm can accurately place you in one of our levels. This ensures you can get the most out of your workout each and every time. New Player? Take our rating quiz to get placed in your first session.

How does the rating system work?

Our rating system ensures competitive and fun sessions for all players. Your rating, which represents your skill level, adjusts after each session. 


Let's simplify it:

  • Take for example our "400+ group.” You’ll need a rating of 400 or higher to participate.

  • In each session, you earn points based on your performance. Winning gives you 610 points, while the lowest performer gets 390 points. In-between results depend on how close you are to the top or bottom.

    • If you play in a “200+ group” the range is 190 on the low and 410 on the high end.

  • Your rating is calculated by averaging your performance in the last 10 sessions, reflecting your recent skill level.


In summary, our rating system ensures everyone on the court is of a similar level. Your rating adjusts based on session performance. Simply put, win more to increase your rating.

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Timeball Levels

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