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Yonex Vcore Pro 97 HD

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

New to the Vcore Pro line is the HD line. Finally, Yonex brings back an 18x20 pattern to their arsenal after a few generations of rackets. I have tended to lean toward denser patterns in the past with my flatter trajectory. So I was really excited for this to go on the market. Let's go!


  • Head Size: 97

  • String Pattern: 18x20

  • Weight: 320g

I liked...

  • the control I received from this frame at the baseline. With the thin beam, dense pattern, and low flex rating it holds up to the specs. I could really swing and take a crack at it and have the confidence it would go in.

  • the weight and balance. I always felt like the 330-gram model was too heavy and the 310-gram model was too light.

I disliked...

  • the flex. That was a downside for me at the net. Serve and volley is something I am not afraid to use and like to throw in quite a bit. I felt like the racket head moves too much (you can feel it flex backward when the ball hits the stringbed, especially higher in the bed) to be precise on the volleys.

  • hitting touch shots from the baseline - drop shots and angles - as again the flex of the racket is too erratic on feel shots.

What player should use this?

I would recommend this racquet to an aggressive baseliner who thrives on control from the back of the court. Someone who likes to hit deep corners with pace and not drop shots so much. A player who counts on finishing the point with short balls and not at the net.

7.9/10 Overall Rating

  • 10/10 Feel

  • 9/10 Control 

  • 5/10 Touch

  • 8/10 Power 

  • 7/10 Spin 

  • 8.5/10 Stability 

  • 8.5/10 Plow Through 

  • 7.5/10 Maneuverability

Similar Rackets

  • Yonex Ezone DR 98 - The HD had a fairly close feel to the DR if the Dr had 10 grams of lead tape on it. The HD plays more solid (more of a full feeling) than the DR, but has about the same feel in regards to flex.

  • Wilson Clash Tour - The Clash provides a similar sensation as the HD. However, on paper you should get more power with the clash due to the slightly bigger head size at 100 sq. in. and thicker beam.

Last Remarks

I really was looking forward to this racket. I loved the specs on paper but was concerned about the flex rating. That was my only knock on this racket. There was just too much flex on this to control volleys and touch shots.

Set Up

Solinco Tour Bite 1.25 @53 lbs

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