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Yonex Vcore Pro 97 (330)

The heaviest weight class of the Vcore Pro line. Endorsed by Stan the Man! This beast weighing in just over 12 ounces strung. Will this hold up to the hype? Let's check!


  • Head Size: 97

  • String Pattern: 16x19

  • Weight: 330g

I liked...

  • the weight. I’ve always gravitated toward heavier rackets. In a way forces your footwork to be better. In order to swing this, you have to have your legs under you.

  • the stability of this racket. It’s hard to find an unstable racket with these specs. So this was more of something that stood out to me.

I disliked...

  • the lack of free power. You have to swing at the ball. When you are hitting an on-the-run forehand or where you can’t quite get a full swing, it’s likely to sit short for your opponent.

  • the maneuverability of this racket for doubles in quick volley exchanges. Due to its weight, it is wieldy to get into the place where you want.

What player should use this?

A strong player with good timing and good technique. Serve and volley is a pretty good play to use with this. You don't have to do much on the volley. You set the racket there and the weight redirects the ball to where you're aiming.

83/100 Overall Rating: 

  • 85/100 Feel

  • 90/100 Control 

  • 82/100 Touch

  • 72/100 Power 

  • 76/100 Spin 

  • 92/100 Stability 

  • 94/100 Plow Through 

  • 73/100 Maneuverability

Similar Rackets

  • Wilson Pro Staff (RF Autograph) - The RF comes in 10 grams heavier than the Vcore and has a thicker beam. I think the word war club or weapon describes the RF well. It feels chunky through the air due to the thick beamwidth, but on contact feels pretty good. I would say the thinner beam leads to a little more control and feel on the Vcore.

Last Remarks

When I play competitive tennis, this is what I use. It’s such a solid Racket and the added stability from the weight allows me to take full swings at the ball. I have a pretty fast swing and the weight keeps me from “over-swinging.” If you have a hitch in your swing this racket helps you clean it up. You have to have a good technical swing to use this or you WILL be late to the ball.

Set Up

Solinco Hyper-G 1.25 @52 lbs

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