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Yonex Vcore Pro 97 (310)

Updated: Apr 24, 2021


The lightest racket in the Vcore Pro 97 line, endorsed by Frances Tiafoe. Let's check it out!

Basic Specs

  • Head Size: 97

  • String Pattern: 16x19

  • Weight: 310g

I liked...

  • how fast it came through from the start of the swing up to contact. This really helped pick up fast incoming balls to my feet. Also, on a wide forehand that I needed to pull around the outside of the ball to bring it back into the court.

  • the maneuverability of this one at the net. I was able to get the racket where I wanted it to be right away.

  • serving with it. It was really quick through contact, making my kick serves really jump off the ground.

I disliked...

  • the stability. I found when hitting higher in the string bed or slightly outside the sweet spot it fluttered on contact. I would have to add a little bit of weight to 9 & 3 on the head to fix that.

What player should use this?

I would recommend this racket to a serve and volley player or a baseline with fast head speed. It is very quick through the air helping a volleyer get the racket into position for a low volley. It has a very nice direct (not too flexible, not too stiff, just right) feel to pinpoint volleys where you want them to go.

7.7/10 Overall Rating: 

  • 8/10 Feel

  • 8.5/10 Control 

  • 8.5/10 Touch

  • 7.5/10 Power 

  • 7/10 Spin 

  • 6.5/10 Stability 

  • 7/10 Plow Through 

  • 8.5/10 Maneuverability 

Similar Rackets

  • Babolat Pure Strike 98 - These rackets could have practically been made to compete with each other and they do. Both these rackets work for very similar game styles. The Pure Strike is just a smidge lighter and closer to evenly balanced compared to the Vcore.

  • Head Prestige Pro - The Prestige is 10 grams heavier than the Yonex, but it is designed for a similar player. Fast swings or desiring feel and quick maneuverability on volleys.

Last Remarks

Overall, it was a great racket. I enjoyed this off the groundstrokes and around the net. I was surprised by the moment and pop I got off the serve. The one knock I had is the subtle lack of stability just outside of the sweet spot. Again a little lead tape and time customizing, you've got a great racket. Good job, Yonex!

Set Up

Hyper G 1.25 @50 lbs

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