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VT Strips

Remember that old technology that causes all sorts of harmful effects to humans. Yeah, lead tape. Finally, a company has updated this ancient metal with modern materials to make it feel better and weigh the same. Introducing VT Advantec, a Chicago-based company making replacement grips, strips, and soon overgrips.

What does it do?

It is designed to reduce vibrations across the face of the racket. In their words, "VT Strips, with our unique “smart" polymers absorb shock and dissipate vibration across a broad range of frequencies, optimizing frame response and surface control."

I liked...

  • the feel and confidence the strips gave me. I felt more connected to what the ball was doing off the string bed.

  • the increased mass behind the ball I was getting. Due to it not only dampening vibrations, but it also added weight making my racket a little heavier.

I disliked...

  • the price of it. At $35 for 4 strips, it is relatively expensive. However, it is a product that lasts. It isn't like an overgrip where it needs replacing. I am now 3-4 months in and it hasn't even hinted at falling off.

  • the packaging. It is a little excessive for those environmentally conscious people. These 4 tiny strips come in this box the size of a deck of cards. Although, it justifies the price. Had these come in a Ziploc bag inside a manilla envelope I would be annoyed paying a premium price.

Similar Items

  • Classic Lead Tape - Lead tape is significantly cheaper. However, VT Strips feel far superior. I would argue lead tape is primarily focused 90% on weight customization and 10% on increasing feeling in the racket. Whereas VT Strips are primarily focused on feel and forgiveness. Some users go as far as saying it helps with reducing the impact on the body and recovery.

  • Tungsten Tape - A great alternative to lead tape in regards to safety when handling, but its primary usage still focuses on weight and not vibration dampening.

Last Remarks

This is a fantastic product that actually is better than lead tape. My only downsides are the price. Is it that this product is too expensive or lead tape is too cheap? I would add the cost of this product into getting new rackets as it definitely enhances the playability of a tennis racket.

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