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Solinco Tour Bite

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Probably Solinco's most popular poly before the creation of Hyper G. A square-sided string providing ultimate bite into the ball. Let's take a look!

I liked

  • the feeling of this string at contact. It has a stiffer feel to it. Not so much stiffness of the string, but more connected. It seems to sit in the string bed nicely which allows you to manipulate the ball on angles, low volleys, and other out-of-position shots.

  • the price point is very reasonable for a poly that plays as well as it does. Especially, that it is a little more known company in the tennis scene.

I disliked...

  • the feel of this string over time. When you switch between other strings and Tour Bite, you begin to notice that Tour Bite starts to kind of feel wirey and a little lower-end responsiveness.

  • that there were inconsistencies around the string bed. I would rally and hit 3 balls the exact same and the 4th would kind of veer off target a little bit. I think I would use the word precise, but due to the little more power, you get.

What player should use this?

A player looking for a good amount of control and spin off the string bed. Also, someone who wants a little more pop and not dead feeling as poly strings tend to play.

6.9/10 Overall Rating

  • 7/10 Feel 

  • 6/10 Control

  • 7/10 Touch

  • 8/10 Power 

  • 7/10 Spin 

  • 6/10 Comfort 

  • 8/10 Durability 

  • 6/10 Tension Maintenance

Similar Strings

  • Tecnifibre Black Code - I used to play with this string my freshman and summer before my junior year of college and switched to Tour Bite due to us being sponsored by Solinco. I feel like it was a smooth transition as they're pretty comparable, but Black Code has a more full feeling to the string.

Last Words

It is a great bang for your buck, but there are just better feeling strings on the market than this provides. Again, it's not a bad string, it just tends to not feel that solid compared to other strings on the market.

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