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Solinco 98 Prototype

Solinco has been recently known for its strings, specifically, Hyper G. They have made rackets in the past few years, but have gotten very little attention and weren't the best feeling out there. However, this prototype they are making may have changed my mind.


  • Head Size: 98

  • String Pattern: 16x19

  • Weight: 305g

I liked...

  • the feel at contact. It was amazingly plush and solid. I was told by a Solinco rep that it is foam-filled. This gets rid of any hollow spaces between the graphite in the racket that cause instability or gross feeling shots.

  • the swing weight in combination with weight and balance. It feels in between a Wilson Blade's heavier head and the Babolat Pure Aero's lighter head. This Solinco racket was right in between, not too taxing to swing and not so light as to be unstable.

I disliked...

  • that the racket is not out yet with no target release date. I would like to get my hands on one to teach with (arm-friendly) and even play with.

  • it only comes in a 16x19 pattern. I tend to gravitate toward denser patterns with my flatter game style.

What player should use this?

Similar to the Wilson Blade it is Solinco's anyone can use this racket. It may be a little too small of a head size for beginners though. However, intermediate players will find the weight to be a good starting point. More advanced players can use this stock or it's still light enough to add some weight to personalize it.

86.8/100 Overall Rating: 

  • 94/100 Feel

  • 83/100 Control 

  • 87/100 Touch

  • 88/100 Power 

  • 86/100 Spin 

  • 92/100 Stability 

  • 86/100 Plow Through 

  • 78/100 Maneuverability

Similar Rackets

  • Babolat Pure Strike (16x19) - These rackets are very similar. The Pure Strike is slightly thinner beamed. However, I found the Pure Strike doesn't feel as solid as the Solinco racket.

  • Wilson Blade (16x19) - This and the Solinco stick are the closest comparisons to make in rackets. They have similar beam width, weight, string pattern, etc. I find that the Solinco racket feels a little more full.

Last Remarks

Solinco would normally not be in the same sentence as the top rackets (Babolat, Wilson, Head, and arguably Yonex). However, once this officially comes out I can see this being thrown into the mix. It really comes down to the fact that they have filled the frame with foam. Also, I have been told they will make an optional butt cap that weighs 10 grams. That way you can make this racket go from 305 grams to 315 grams in literally seconds. I think that is a great use of an otherwise useless part of the racket (butt cap). Overall, if they choose to take the foam filling (whatever they did to it to make it feel solid) away with the official racket that hits the shelves then I may have to rewrite this review. I hope they keep this racket the way it is or very similar as it feels fantastic and not like other rackets on the market.

Set Up

Solinco Tour Bite 1.25 @55 lbs

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