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Luxilon Alu Power

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

This string has been around since 1994 and has gained notoriety since then. Today, Luxilon is one of the most widely used strings with over 60% of players in the top 50 ATP & WTA Tour using it (Luxilon). However, many tennis string companies have pushed their way into the market providing more competition. Let's see how it plays.

I liked

  • the control I received from this string. This is a very direct feeling string with not much give to it. I don't feel that the ball sits in the strings with this poly.

  • the higher-end feel of the string. You can definitely feel that this string is worth its price tag. When compared side by side to an $8-12 poly you can feel that this has a better feel. However, not necessarily better, but just more luxurious.

I disliked...

  • the durability of this string. I am not sure what it is, but this stuff breaks fairly quickly compared to other polys. I would say a combination of it being smooth (easier to slide across the crosses) and being higher end it may have layers and is not just a solid piece of poly like cheaper strings.

  • how stiff it was. Going along with one of my likes of this string, control, I didn't feel that there was a lot of free power in this string. You may need to string this one lower especially to get rid of the lack of forgiveness.

What player should use this?

A player with no current or past wrist, elbow, or shoulder issues since this string is on the stiffer side. Also, a player who doesn't mind being in the shop more often for restringing as it loses tension quicker than some polys made today. Injury-free players who like a high end feel and want some extra control would really benefit from this string

8/10 Overall Rating

  • 9/10 Feel 

  • 9/10 Control 

  • 7/10 Power 

  • 9/10 Touch

  • 8/10 Spin 

  • 7/10 Comfort 

  • 7.5/10 Durability 

  • 7.5/10 Tension Maintenance

Similar String

  • Kirschbaum Max Power - There aren't many strings, if any, that can replicate what Luxilon has done. Kirschbaum is similar in design, but it simply does not have the same feel as Alu Power.

Last Remarks

After playtesting it, I know why over 60% of the top 50 WTA & ATP use this. They want a premium string and do not care about durability as they're having their rackets strung daily. I really liked it, but if I could stay off the stringing machine for an extra day, then I will most likely use whatever string that may be.

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