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Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

The iconic racket that Novak Djokovic endorses. This 18x20 frame has been around for around 7 generations now. Undoubtedly Head's most used and purchased racket among junior and college players. Does it hold up to the reputation? Let's check it out!


  • Head Size: 100

  • String Pattern: 18x20

  • Weight: 310g

  • Balance: Head Light

I liked...

  • the 18x20 pattern. I felt that I do lose ball bite/rotation but at the expense of directional control. I personally am fine with more directional control.

  • how fast it swings through the air. It is quick to get moving from dead still, which is nice for picking up deep low shots from your opponent.

  • the feel of this racket. When they first introduced graphene 7-8 years ago, their rackets it felt like a $40 metal racket from Target. Kudos to Head for solving this in their next few generations of rackets.

I disliked...

  • the weight. I really liked the 315g weight that the Youtek used to be, but the trend, as materials improve, seems to be packing more power into lighter rackets.

What player should use this?

If you have a high swing speed and lower trajectory to your ball you should like this racket. If you like to throw in the serve and volley this is a good match. A little more weight is in your hand for quick volley exchanges and to play with the ball a little more on feel volleys.

8/10 Overall Rating: 

  • 8/10 Feel

  • 9/10 Control 

  • 8/10 Touch

  • 7.5/10 Power 

  • 7/10 Spin 

  • 8/10 Stability 

  • 7.5/10 Plow Through 

  • 9/10 Maneuverability 

Similar Rackets

  • Wilson Blade 98 (18x20)

Set Up

Alu Power 16L @51 lbs

Last Remarks

It is surprisingly stable for its weight. Although, I wouldn't be shy to put some weight at 11 and 1. I feel there is a lack of weight near the tip of the racket.

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